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All our paintings are originals by the artist, we do not sell prints or reproductions

Anthony Amos - 1950 - 2010

Bristol born, Tony spent the majority of his career at sea on trawlers, tugs and deep sea cargo ships. This provided him with the inspiration to paint marine and figurative subjects in oils and in the most original way - without brushes.

He has exhibited countrywide including Dublin and London. He was a prize winner in the Royal Society of Marine Artists and at the Phoenix, Exeter.

Very sadly Tony died suddenly in early 2010 and this very talented and popular West Country artist is greatly missed.


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'Wait for the Tide' SOLD
47cm x 76cm oil on board

'The Ploughing Team' SOLD
70cm x 99cm oil on board

'Preparing for Sea' SOLD
28cm x 39cm oil on board

'Lowtide' SOLD
29cm x 23cm oil on board

'Riding the Waves' SOLD
11cm x 19cm oil on board

'A Sudden Squall' SOLD
77cm x 47cm oil on board

'In the Storm' SOLD
104cm x 41cm oil on board

'In the Harbour' SOLD
80cm x 56cm oil on board

'Polperro' SOLD
17cm x 46cm oil on board

'Trawlers in Port' SOLD
38cm x 56cm mixed media & oil on board

'Old Sea Salt' SOLD
65cm x 26cm oil on board

'Shrimpers' SOLD
79cm x 104cm oil on board

'Climbing the Shrouds' SOLD
91cm x 25cm mixed media & oil on board

'Dockside' SOLD
25cm x 98cm oil on board

'Dockside 2' SOLD
25cm x 98cm oil on board

'Homeward Bound' SOLD
32cm x 36cm oil on board

'A Blustery Walk' SOLD
18cm x 52cm oil on board

'Trawlers at Anchor' SOLD
61cm x 79cm oil on board

'The Bow Sprit' SOLD
61cm x 79cm mixed media & oil on board

'Barges at Anchor' SOLD
46cm x 64cm mixed media & oil on board

'Trawlers at Sea' SOLD
51cm x 112cm mixed media & oil on board


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